To be the region's preferred provider of integrated and customised logistics solutions.


At HPL we seek:

To be an 'equal opportunities' company that continually creates meaningful and challenging jobs

To maximize shareholder value by ensuring sustainable and profitable growth

To strive to achieve best business practices through constant innovation and technology

To be committed to developing a dedicated, dynamic and professional workforce

To provide a conducive and safe work environment for our employees



Integrity is the heart and soul of our Company. We are ethical in the pursuit of our goals. We are honest in our dealings, and place our values and principles in everything we do.

Continuous Development

We understand that the environment is always changing. That is why we emphasis continuous development of our people as well as the business.


Having the ability to always anticipate and adapt to new challenges and changes in the business environment. By creating new ways to do business, we do not only meet demands, we create demands.


To give our customers the best values and services, we need to implement best practices. Being professional means that you are doing your job the best possible ways. We want to be competent, caring and credible.


All for one and one for all. This is the value we live by. We believe in synergy. Working together as one unit is what makes us better at what we do.