At Halcon Primo Logistics, we understand the challenges and intricacies of managing project logistics. Our dedicated team of experts in Singapore is committed to delivering specialised and industry-specific turnkey solutions to meet the unique requirements of your projects. With our professional expertise and comprehensive services, we ensure seamless cargo handling and transportation.


Managing international supply chain and shipping projects is a complicated endeavour for companies and enterprises of any size, scale or sector. One way to ease the logistical burden on your employees is to share the load and partner up with a dedicated project logistics team in Singapore that understands your business and has the necessary expertise to deliver specialised cargo handling services no matter the project complexity.

With Halcon Primo Logistics’ extensive experience in the logistics industry, you can rest easy. Our logistics specialists in Singapore have years of expertise in dealing with the complex needs and regulations for customs clearance. Moreover, as an experienced freight forwarder, we can help you figure out the right transport mode to safely transport and store your equipment, heavy machinery and other project cargo.


When it comes to large-scale out-of-gauge heavy machinery, transportation and storage is more complicated than just booking a simple ferry across the sea or national borders. The logistical difficulties of transporting heavy machinery is made even more confusing when you need to deal with complex customs requirements and lengthy approval documents.

For many businesses in Singapore, navigating these customs procedures takes up time, resources and manpower that could have been used for other strategic business purposes. Understanding this, HPL is here to provide an end-to-end project logistics management solution that executes project cargo handling services from pre-transport to post-delivery. This includes:


Site Survey

Comprehensive project planning

Clearance with authorities on project cargo handling service, project guidelines and requirements.

Multi-model transportation, from the sea to the land.

Vessel Chartering, be it for mixed-load milk runs or international supply chain transportation.

Site supervision

Provisioning of security team and detail

A dedicated HPL Site Installations Partner to ensure everything runs smoothly on the ground


Your business will not only benefit from the availability of advanced equipment, but you’ll also have safe port-to-port and door-to-door delivery of out-of-gauge cargo transport.

When it comes to project logistics in Singapore, our Singapore team doesn’t just provide a transportation service for your heavy equipment and vehicles. Backed by our professional expertise, HPL is dedicated to delivering specialised turnkey project logistics solutions suited to your industry-specific needs. Our team is headquartered in Singapore to give you easy access to our international network, and has successfully handled projects globally spanning Japan, USA, EU, East Asia, Southeast Asia and Australia.



At HPL, we go beyond project management to provide comprehensive all-in-one turnkey project logistics solutions in Singapore tailored to your needs. We can also help handle your site installations – leveraging our huge network, asset base and engineering team.

Our trained specialists headquartered in Singapore can even help with project cargo handling services by connecting you with the relevant experts to manage and complete your project’s installations with guidance from your engineers and architects.

Frequently Asked Questions About Project Logistics in Singapore

What is OOG Cargo?

OOG cargo refers to out-of-gauge cargo that exceeds the dimensions of a standard shipping container. It requires specialised handling and transportation due to its size, weight or shape.

How can partnering with a project logistics team in Singapore help ease the logistical burden on your employees?

By partnering with a project logistics team in Singapore, you can leverage their expertise and experience to handle complex logistics challenges. They will ensure efficient cargo handling services, compliance with customs procedures and seamless coordination of transportation, allowing your employees to focus on other critical aspects of your project.

What is the benefit of working with a project logistics company in Singapore that provides turnkey solutions?

Working with a project logistics company in Singapore that provides turnkey solutions offers numerous benefits. It ensures a comprehensive approach to your project’s logistics, from planning to execution, minimising potential disruptions and delays. It also streamlines the coordination of various logistics activities, saving time and resources.

How can Halcon Primo Logistics help with project logistics in the oil and gas industry?

Halcon Primo Logistics has extensive experience in handling project logistics in the oil and gas industry. We offer specialised solutions for transporting OOG cargo, heavy equipment, machinery and supplies, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards. Our expertise and network enable us to provide efficient and reliable project shipment and stevedoring services for companies in Singapore.

How can Halcon Primo Logistics assist businesses in the oil and gas industry with project shipment and stevedoring?

We offer comprehensive project shipment and stevedoring services for businesses in the oil and gas industry. Our team will take charge of handling the entire process, including cargo preparation, customs clearance, vessel chartering and on-site supervision. We ensure efficient and secure transportation of your project cargo, providing peace of mind and timely delivery.


At Halcon Primo Logistics, we offer a wide range of logistical solutions that cater to various industries and sectors in Singapore and beyond. Whether you need break bulk shipping, freight management and distribution, warehousing management and value-added services, bonded logistics hub, or project logistics, our cargo logistics company has the expertise and resources to help you achieve your logistical goals.