Freight Forwarding services in Singapore

Customised solutions for you, no matter the location or logistical complexity.


As an experienced air freight forwarder, we are able to handle special storage and handling requirements, such as cold chain, temperature control, sensitive equipment, and project cargo, in all types of configurations. Offering speed, reliability, and careful management of cargo, HPL is the preferred choice as an air freight forwarding service provider here in Singapore.

Be it an airport-to-airport drop or destination-to-destination delivery, HPL does it all. The cargo we handle consists of products such as electronics, apparel, pharmaceuticals, documents and samples, as well as seasonal shipments. We also handle dangerous as well as fragile and perishable goods as part of our air freight forwarding services.

Just like our sea freight forwarding services, HPL’s air freight forwarding service in Singapore is definitely the best choice for you. Over time, we’ve established great working relationships with numerous industry partners to provide the best, affordable rates for you, the consumer.

Sea Freight
in Singapore

With our broad range of sea freight forwarding services, HPL ensures that your cargo reaches on time, to the right place, and in a cost-efficient manner. In addition, with our close network of ocean carriers, we guarantee protection of carrier alliances and reliability.


With more than 18 years of experience, HPL is one of the top freight forwarding companies in Singapore. As one of the major sea freight forwarders, with worldwide partners in SouthEast Asia, Far East Asia, the Americas, Europe, and Australasia, you are assured of exclusive logistics and freight services in Singapore that offer top-of-the-line customer experience and satisfaction.

When our customers engage us for sea freight forwarding here in Singapore, they get the best in service. From door-to-door shipping (import and export), online tracking and tracing of delivery schedules, cargo insurance, as well as customs clearance, we are able to help them with it, making us the most reliable and professional sea freight forwarder here in Singapore.

Transportation to local/overseas hubs for consolidation and export

Managing logistics and a wide range of providers across your supply chain can be a complex situation. In addition to offering air and sea freight forwarding services in Singapore, we also do multi-modal transportation and consolidation of products at suitable regional or international hubs. Your assets will then be arranged for transfer as freight to the final port, anywhere across the world.

Here at HPL, we have identified and brought on board the best and most competitive providers for every aspect of your supply chain. In doing so, you receive the most optimal logistics setup for your business.


Our subsidiary, Vega Orient Line, operates as a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) while owning and managing thousands of containers of all types across major ports in the Asia Pacific region.

As one of the top freight forwarding companies in Singapore, we will always go the extra mile and offer you the best air freight and sea freight forwarder services. With years of experience in this industry, we are confident that HPL should be your first port of call. Offering end-to-end solutions, customs relationship management, dedicated containers, and vessels, our team takes full accountability and integrity of documentation and products.

Whether you’re looking to move machinery, commodities, or commercial products, we can help arrange and manage your entire logistical value chain with efficiency and precision.


From using our containers to chartering the vessels and/or planes for voyage preparation, we can help handle the full process of as your trusted air and sea freight forwarder in Singapore and overseas.

Safely transport your products from the logistics hub to your final port of call.


Unlike other freight forwarding services in Singapore, you’ll receive the full suite of supply chain management. Working in partnership with our own chosen partners at all of the ports and airports, we are able to offer a one-stop solution for import clearance requirements, should you have any.

Together with our partners, we can provide you with advice and guidance on complex customs clearance processes, documentary requirements, and even calculation of import duty at the Customs.


Enjoy up-to-date reporting each time your goods leave Singapore and arrive at any port or airport in the world. Easily check and receive progress updates on your sea and air freight anytime online.


Regardless of the type of freight forwarding service you choose, be it sea or air, correct paperwork is vital for every shipment in Singapore. It would be a nightmare for businesses to have their products shipped on time only to find out it is stuck at a certain checkpoint due to missing documentation. At HPL, we understand this pain point and have years of experience in coordinating, expediting, and handling your product’s pickup from suppliers directly, together with our standard documentation and product verification.


How does HPL calculate the cost for air and sea freight forwarding services in Singapore?

HPL calculates costs for air and sea freight forwarding services based on a number of factors including the destination, weight, and dimensions of the cargo. However, HPL always strives to provide competitive and affordable pricing for their services.

How does HPL ensure the safe handling and transport of fragile or dangerous goods?

As one of the top freight forwarding companies in Singapore, HPL takes great care to ensure the safe handling and transport of fragile or dangerous goods. We use protective measures like bubble wrap, silica gel, and vacuum packing to prevent damage caused by moisture buildup. We also mark lashing points and use shipping marks to facilitate easy handling and proper cargo management.

Can HPL provide packaging and crating services for my cargo before shipment?

Yes, HPL can provide packaging and crating services for cargo before shipment. We understand the importance of proper packaging and crating to ensure that cargo is secure during transit and arrives at its destination intact.

What are the cycle times for air and sea freight forwarding services with HPL?

Cycle times for air and sea freight forwarding services with HPL cannot be predicted as it depends on the specific cargo and shipping conditions. However, HPL strives to provide timely and efficient services to ensure that cargo reaches its destination in a timely manner.

What are the benefits of using HPL for multi-modal transportation and consolidation of products at suitable hubs?

HPL offers a range of benefits for businesses looking to use their multi-modal transportation and consolidation services. By consolidating products at suitable hubs, HPL is able to save costs and reduce carbon footprints. We also ensure secure transactions between sea ports and airports, and maintain temperature control for temperature-sensitive products. Additionally, HPL offers buyer’s consolidation and multi-country consolidation services to help businesses manage their logistical value chain more efficiently.


At Halcon Primo Logistics, we offer a wide range of logistical solutions that cater to various industries and sectors in Singapore and beyond. Whether you need break bulk shipping, freight management and distribution, warehousing management and value-added services, bonded logistics hub, or project logistics, our cargo logistics company has the expertise and resources to help you achieve your logistical goals.