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Providing offshore services or having complex projects that require machinery movement between borders and across seas can be a logistical nightmare. Planning vehicular transport is tough enough, and on top of that, you’re required to have the right official documents on hand, failing which, will cause unnecessary delays and further costs to the company. You’ll also need to meet all the critical deadlines to avoid delays in your project or service. That’s where Halcon Primo Logistics comes in. As a vessel chartering company in Singapore, we specialise in providing hassle-free solutions for the transportation of bulk cargo. Whether you need landing craft tank (LCT) vessel transport for break bulk, out of gauge cargo or special equipment, our experienced team has you covered.


Reach out to HPL for any LCT vessel transport you’ll need in and out of Singapore. You can request LCT chartering hauls of any size from our company in Singapore, from minor transfers to large-scale activities of any type of cargo you have in mind such as break bulk as well as out of gauge cargo, special equipment and general purpose equipment that requires shipping transport. Read on to find out more about our Vessel Chartering, Break Bulk Shipping, as well as Out of Gauge Transportation services.

Vessel Chartering Services

As a vessel chartering company in Singapore, HPL manages, operates, and charters a fleet of purpose-built vessels with capabilities ranging from offshore supply and logistics support to harbour towage. Vessel chartering through HPL is fast and fuss-free. We have the contacts, expertise and reputation to secure a suitable vessel for our clients.

Break Bulk Shipping Services

For break bulk shipping, here at HPL, we understand that special cargo requires special handling and care. We have a wealth of experience handling and shipping goods of all shapes and sizes; with our project team creating safe and secure logistics solutions for our clients.

Out Of Gauge Transportation (OOG) Services

HPL understands that not all large and heavy cargo are able to fit easily in a standard container, but with us, you can be sure that your cargo is in safe hands, no matter its size, shape, or weight. Our team of specialists will utilise a wide variety of special equipment to get your OOG cargo wherever it needs to go in a safe and efficient manner.
Break Bulk Shipping in Singapore Made Easy​
As a vessel chartering company in Singapore, HPL manages, operates, and charters a fleet of purpose-built vessels with capabilities ranging from offshore supply and logistics support to harbour towage. Vessel chartering through HPL is fast and fuss free. We have the contacts, expertise, and reputation, to secure a suitable vessel for our clients.
Comprehensive Solutions for Your Cargo Needs
With HPL, you don’t just get a vessel chartering company in Singapore. What you’ll gain is a turnkey solution backed by more than a decade of professional company expertise in global LCT vessel chartering. With HPL, you’ll be sure to eliminate last-minute scrambles for machinery transport, your equipment will arrive right on schedule so that you’re able to accomplish all your clients’ needs. Leave the moving to us, and win valuable time to focus on the more crucial aspects of your project.
You Can Expect Thorough End-To-End Vessel Chartering Services
Unlike most LCT vessel chartering companies in Singapore, HPL’s service doesn’t end at the arrival of your assets. You will get a holistic solution with an entire range of services that are targeted at every aspect of your equipment’s transport.

We Are Here To Help

Whatever your LCT company’s vessel chartering needs are in Singapore or overseas, we are here to help ensure your project mission is accomplished. Contact our specialists today for more details on how to get started. Need more than vessel charters? View our full suite of solutions and transform your business today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vessel Chartering Services

When should this type of transportation be considered?

Vessel chartering services are ideal for projects that require the transportation of bulk cargo, especially when standard containers are not suitable for the size, shape, or weight of the cargo. Whether you need to move heavy machinery, break bulk cargo, or out of gauge shipments, our vessel chartering services provide a reliable and efficient solution.

Does HPL provide offshore services and logistics support?

Yes, at HPL, we offer offshore services and logistics support as part of our vessel chartering solutions to companies in Singapore. We understand the unique challenges involved in offshore projects and have the expertise to handle complex logistics requirements. From supply chain management to on-site support, we ensure smooth operations for your offshore endeavours.

What types of cargo can HPL transport?

HPL has the capability to transport a wide range of cargo types. Our expertise covers break bulk cargo, out of gauge shipments, special equipment and general-purpose equipment. Whether you need to transport machinery, construction materials or other specialised cargo, we have the experience and resources to handle it with care.

What special handling and care does HPL provide for break bulk shipping?

Break bulk cargo requires special handling and care to ensure its safe transportation. At HPL, we understand the unique requirements of break bulk shipments and provide tailored solutions. Our project team creates safe and secure logistics plans, utilising specialised equipment and techniques to protect your cargo throughout the shipping process.

Can HPL help with vessel chartering needs overseas?

Yes, HPL can assist with vessel chartering needs not only for companies in Singapore but also overseas. With our extensive network and partnerships, we have the capability to arrange vessel charters in various locations around the globe. Whether you require chartering services for international projects or cross-border transportation, our team will work closely with you to ensure a seamless and efficient process.


At Halcon Primo Logistics, we offer a wide range of logistical solutions that cater to various industries and sectors in Singapore and beyond. Whether you need break bulk shipping, freight management and distribution, warehousing management and value-added services, bonded logistics hub, or project logistics, our cargo logistics company has the expertise and resources to help you achieve your logistical goals.