Heavy Equipment & Vehicles Mover

When it comes to project logistics, we don’t just provide a transportation service for your heavy equipment and vehicles, we provide a turnkey solution that is backed by our professional expertise that has successfully handled projects globally, Japan, USA, EU, Far East, South East and Australasia.

Our end to end solutions:

  • Site Survey
  • Comprehensive project planning
  • Clearance with authorities on transportation guidelines and requirements
  • Multi-model transportation, from the sea to the land.
  • Vessel Chartering be it for milk runs or international transportation
  • Site supervision
  • Provisioning of security team and detail
  • Your Site Installations Partner

At HPL, we go beyond project management, we also help handle the execution of your site installations. Leveraging on our huge network, our asset base, our Engineering team, we can help provide expertise to manage and complete your project’s installations with guidance from your engineers and architects.

Whether you are looking to develop a greenfield or brownfield chemical plant, transporting a mobile facility or undertaking disaster relief efforts, we will help ensure your project mission is accomplished.